The surprise hit movie of the season can now be a wonderful faith-building and outreach-oriented event for your church or school. Here are some great ideas for how your group can host a powerful FACING THE GIANTS Movie Event:
  • Church Event...let the movie touch the lives of people in your church and your community. A Movie Event is great for the entire church, or Sunday school
  • a Movie Event not only for your students, but also for parents and local church leaders.
  • Coaches and Sports Ministries...inspire your team and others in your league.
  • Christian Business Leaders...use a Movie Event as a team-building opportunity onsite or off.

As with copyrighted music, motion pictures have copyright legalities for public screenings. Working directly with Provident Films, you can order your site license to show this film for up to one year.

Movie Event kits include your site license, the FACING THE GIANTS Movie Event DVD, a resource DVD, and other great promotional materials and giveaways.

Facing The Giants Movie License